Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Think! Shoes?

Please use our dealer search on to find a dealer in your vicinity or online.

Why Think! Shoes are sustainable?

Think! Shoes and all materials used for our shoes are made in Europe. For us sustainability means:

  • using natural materials as long as the materials doesn't influence the quality
  • producing shoes under fair conditions
  • designing high-quality shows with a long life and a timeless design

More about Think! shoes you can read in About Think!

Which shoe care do my Think! shoes need?

Depending on the upper material Think! shoes need different shoe care. Take a look to or Shoe care page. There you can find shoe care tips for each upper material. 

Where can I by new insoles for my Think! shoes?

Please ask your personal Think! retailer. They can order the right insoles for you. You can search for a Think! retailer with our store locator.

I lost the jewellery part of my Think! shoes? Where can I optain a new one?

We have jewellery parts in stock. Please send us an email with the article number inside the shoes. Then we can check if the part is still available.

Who can repair my Think! shoes?

Don't throw your Think! shoes away, when the out or insoles are worn down. They can be repaired by a shoemaker or in our Think! shoe workshop in Kopfing. If you would like to have them repaired by our Think! shoe experts, please bring them your Think! retailer. They will send the shoes to us. Don't send them directly to us!

Something is wrong with my Think! Shoes. Where can I reclaim them?

Please ask your Think! retailer from which you purchased the shoes. They can make a first check what's wrong with your shoes and send them to us for a final check by our shoe experts. Don't send them directy to us! Thank you!