Frequently Asked Questions

Think! Shoe Care

The only thing that requires as much care as a friendship is a lovely pair of shoes. Unique shoes demand special care. Dust and dirt must be removed carefully from the shoe before a shoe cream can be applied. For smooth leather, it is sufficient to use a cloth (slightly moistened, but not wet). Place only a very thin layer of Think! shoe cream on the enclosed sponge – remember, less is more – and then apply it to the shoe in a circular motion. Please be aware that shoe cream can change the intensity of colours on some types of leather. So we recommend that you always test the shoe cream on a small area before applying it for the first time. Afterwards, polish with a soft, lint-free wool cloth or with a standard brush.   

Additional shoe care tips

You should allow your shoes to rest on a regular basis – for at least 48 hours and optimally on a shoe tree so that they keep their shape. 

Never place wet shoes on the heater. It is better to stuff them with newspaper.

At least once a week. Use shoe cream, never “easy-shine” products, which will dry out the leather.

Please clean and apply protectant before wearing your shoes for the first time. And use a shoehorn: Never step on the heel of your shoe to get it off.