The Koller family has been involved in making shoes for over 200 years. The Marko Company , with its emphasis on men's shoes, was founded by Mr Koller , sr. in the 1950s. In 1990 his son Martin Koller hit on the idea of moving away from the original field of men's shoes and repositioning the company as an ecological shoemaker . Thus was born the Think! brand.

Thanks to this concept, Think! soon became a success story in the shoe market. The firm was bought in 2000 by Mr Stefan Stolitzka , Dipl.-Ing., majority shareholder in the Legero shoe production company . Mr Stolizka's desire was to have Think! continue operations as an independent subsidiary without compromising its identity or changing the make-up of its experienced team.

We at THINK!

Our philosophy and mission is to produce shoes with an independent character while incorporating sustainable use of natural resources. This allows people to live in harmony with the environment while seeing their own individual requirements fulfilled in the product. Innovative and intuitive design is the hallmark of the collection, giving it an independent, unique character. Ideal fit and incomparable comfort are guaranteed by the use of anatomically correct, 'feet-friendly' lasts and natural materials in the production process.

The shoe itself is the absolute hero.

Austria, Switzerland and Germany make up Think!'s core markets. In addition we currently export to 12 international markets. Individual dealer care worldwide is an absolute must for Think! Increasing demand for Think! shoes ensures a steady increase in the average retail price, and of course the increasing retailer revenues that go with it. Although Think! started as a small shoe manufacturer, we have made a name for ourselves worldwide as a synonym for individual shoe design and superior comfort.

Think! stands for comfortable individuality.

We not only provide people with healthy shoes to wear, but we also give them the security of knowing that their shoes were produced with respect for the natural materials from which they are made. Our shoes speak to each wearer's individuality. Indeed, our 'shoe culture' is based on the principle of individuality as well as on the personal pleasure of shoes.

Think! raises profits and image.

We supply our dealers with profitable products. The Think! combination of design, quality and service helps make our retailer partners more attractive to their customers. We provide dealer support by intensifying and increasing your sales to both regular and new customers. And we provide you with a stable price level. Each new collection is enhanced by extraordinary Think! models that are typical for the brand, as well as by the incorporation of new design trends. This provides our retailers with additional sales arguments and the accompanying sales opportunities.

Think! sets quality standards for the market, especially in design, comfort and service.

Our goal is to provide the best quality on the market in our segment and price class. Objectively measurable product quality is an essential requirement for our market success, but it's not enough. Above and beyond this, our goal is simply to be the best in the eyes of our customers. To accomplish this, we strive to maintain an extremely high level of service, which our retail partners are constantly evaluating and improving. Satisfied retail partners as well as satisfied customers form the basis for our future success. Think! shoes are for people who know what they want and don't need to be told what to think.

Think! is a reliable partner

in its customer and supplier relationships. Personal contact, affection and trust are often decisive factors in determining the flow of information. Since this information flow is our lifeblood, it's essential for us to establish close contact with our customers, made by our sales representatives. Our sales team is made up of both commercial agencies and our own employees, both acting as exclusive marketers of the Think! brand. Communication is a two-way street: our sales team not only communicates our philosophy and image to the public, but at the same time is responsible for communicating our customers' needs internally. That's why it's of the utmost importance not to act as mere vendors and suppliers, but to be partners and advisors to our customers. By managing information well, we're ensuring our future success. Being successful for us means being proactive in new product development, thereby helping to determine its course. To accomplish this, we must recognize consumer/retailer needs and market opportunities at an early stage. That's why we've made a global commitment to procurement, design and development. Investment decisions are made only after conducting thorough market research based on reliable market data. Marko sees the Think! brand as way of ensuring that the company will continue to be profitable in the long term. Since we can't count on success being handed to us on a silver platter, we must rely on hard work, consistent product quality and measurable results. Factors such as economical product development, high involvement in materials purchasing and efficient manufacturing processes allow us to keep costs down and prices fair. We believe customers will recognize Think! as the best on the market, objectively and subjectively, in our product and price class.

Responsibility at Think!

Only people who have a healthy dose of self-confidence can take responsibility. It has nothing to do with education, financial situation or position in the company hierarchy. Since we empower all our employees to take responsibility, they can be found everywhere ' in the warehouse, in production, in the office and in sales. Our people make sure that the company is running well, that outdated structures are overhauled, that processes are rethought and that structural improvements are planned and implemented.

Each person's initiative together with their enthusiasm are critical factors for the accomplishment of these processes.

Our aim is for positive development in all areas of our company. That's why each employee tries hard to make a positive impression on every personal contact. But there's still a lot of work to do in order to fulfill our aim of functioning as a highly creative, performance-oriented team that consistently emphasizes the positive.